CapKey Advisors

                 A Professional Corporation


Our focus is mergers & acquisitions and natural adjacent spaces (joint ventures, minority investments, licensing, and other areas of corporate and transactional practice relevant to M&A).  As senior, seasoned M&A advisers, we are generalists as well as specialists specialists in transaction process, and generalists because in buying and selling companies we necessarily touch all of the areas that make up a company and because the transactional process involves multiple areas of corporate practice.

The CapKey network is an exclusively "partner"-level team.  We have no inexperienced junior lawyers or "associates" learning by trial and error at your expense.  (We were all associates once, and we all had to cut our teeth just not now and not on your nickel . . . .) Where a transaction requires additional resources or expertise, our decades of experience and deep roots in M&A give us an extensive book of professional contacts, and our structure gives us the flexibility and independence to team with outside specialists and support selected for how they meet client needs and deal needs, independent of organizational affiliation.